AV 900

delivered in 2004, purchased with funds from the BMBF and the city of Berlin


Bruker, unshielded, 54 mm bore


AV cabinet
4 channels
4 amplifiers
2H decoupling via lock switch
gradients via GAB
linux work station


5 mm TXI, z-gradient
5 mm TCI Cryoprobe, z-grandient
1.9 mm MAS HCND
3.2 mm MAS HCN (2x)
3.2 mm MAS HCN (Efree)
3.2 mm HR-MAS HDCN + Gradients
4 mm MAS HCN
4 mm MAS HCN (Efree)
external lock for solid state

last changes 13.02.2017, Peter Schmieder