Determination of the structure of linear tetrapyrolls in various organic solvent

To obtain detailed information on the structure of the chromophore in phytochromes proteins, its interactions with the protein matrix as well as the mechanisms that finally leads to signal transduction a variety of spectroscopic techniques are usually applied. The various spectroscopic techniques rely, however, on the calculation of the spectra by theoretical methods. Those calculations work best if they have been fine tuned using model compounds that are preferably related to the molecule that needs to be investigated. For the calculation of tetrapyroll moieties, model compounds have been either tetrapyrolls in the crystal or embedded in protein matrices. Structures in solution have, however, scarcely been determined. Solution NMR should be the method of choice to obtain a detailed structural picture of tetrapyrolls in solution.
In the present project we aim to obtain information on the strcutre and dynamics of several tetrapyroll compounds in various solvents using not only NOE s and coupling constnats but also RDCs and cross correlated relaxation. The same compounds will be investigated using Raman spectroscopy in the same solvents.


M. Röben; P. Schmieder*; "Assignment of phycocyanobilin in HMPT using triple resonance experiments"; Magn. Reson. Chem. 49, 543-548 (2011),

DOI: 10.1002/mrc.2776

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