G-NMR school 2016

link to the page of the G-NMR school 2016 at the Uni Frankfurt


Day 1

1. Steffen Glaser "Produktoperatoren I" (pdf)

2. Christian Griesinger "Produktoperatoren II"

3. Peter Schmieder "Phase Cycling, Gradients, Quadrature detection" (pdf)

Day 2

4. Bernd Reif "Anisotropic Interactions" (pdf)

5. Harald Schwalbe "Relaxation I" (pdf)

6. Harald Schwalbe "Relaxation II" (pdf)

Day 3

7. Clemens Glaubitz "Solid State NMR I" (pdf)

8. Clemens Glaubitz "Solid State NMR II" (pdf)

9. Christian Griesinger "TROSY and Cross-Correlated Relaxation" (pdf)

Day 4 (Bio-NMR)

10. Michael Sattler "2D and 3D NMR" (pdf)

11. Michael Sattler "NMR of proteins" (pdf)

12. Markus Zweckstetter "Partial Allignment of Molecules" (pdf)

13. Teresa Carlomagno "NMR in Drug Design" (pdf)

14. Henry Jonker "Introduction to NMR spectra analysis" (pdf)

Day 4 (Solid-State-NMR)

15. Bernd Reif "Protons in solid state NMR" (pdf)

16. Kay Saalwächter "Transvers relaxation in solid-state NMR" (pdf)

17. Gerd Buntkowsky "Quantitative distance meaurement" (pdf)

18. Adam Lange "Protein solid state NMR" (pdf)

19. Gerd Buntkowsky "Introduction to quadrupole solid state NMR" (pdf)

Day 4 (Small-Molecule-NMR)

Day 5 (Bio-NMR)

Day 5 (Solid-State-NMR)

Day 5 (Small-Molecule-NMR)

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